Dive-a-Thon, Day 1 at La Jolla Shores

July 1 2009; 10:52pm

Today is a landmark day - not only is this the first dive report posted to the News section, but it is also the first day of the San Diego Oceans Foundation 2009 Dive-a-Thon. If you haven’t already, please read the post about how Wild Ocean Photo is supporting the Dive-a-Thon. My current goal is to spend 2,000 minutes underwater during July 2009, and today I’m off to a good start with 136 minutes in the ocean at La Jolla Shores.

I spent the first day of the Dive-a-Thon off La Jolla Shores, scouting the shallow waters for subjects to photograph. I was hoping to see leopard sharks, which tend to show up en masse during the summer months, but no sightings yet. What I found instead were several Bay Pipefish (Syngnathus leptorhynchus), which I plan to go back and photograph on one of my next dives at La Jolla Shores. Check back soon to see the pictures!