Photos to Support the Marine Life Protection Act

November 14 2008; 12:20pm

I am proud to announce that two of my photographs are included in the new Southern California MPA Brochure produced by San Diego Coastkeeper. This brochure is part of Coastkeeper’s campaign to raise awareness about the importance of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Many of the photos on this website feature the beautiful marine life found off the coast of California. As you can imagine, California’s large population has a significant impact on these creatures and their habitat- there is constant pressure from coastal development, fishing, and water pollution. In an effort to protect marine life, habitat, and our natural heritage, the Marine Life Protection Act was passed by California legislators in 1999. The goals of the MLPA are to better evaluate the current state of California’s coastal waters and to direct the state to create and manage a network of marine protected areas (MPAs) along the California coastline. I encourage you to learn more about the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative on the California Department of Fish & Game’s website at