Welcome to the new

March 14 2012; 10:40pm

I’ve been working with designer Danielle Manzon recently on the design of the website an we’ve just made some big changes, including:

  • A new Decor section to show samples of how my photography looks in a few different environments.
  • Added lots of new photographs from trips to the Fiji, Hawai’i and the Galapagos.
  • A new design that looks just as good on small-screened cell phones as it does on big monitors.
  • New Fine Art gallery

For publishers interested in licensing images, there’s a new Stock images section, and also a private client area for reviewing selections. The image library is now searchable.

A lot of thanks go out on this one - Danielle for the great designs, Brendan L. for his editorial eye, and Dan Haskovec for his technical guidance and server configuration magic. Finally, big thanks go to Nicole Love for the inspiration and original wildoceanphoto designs.