About Derek

photo of Derek in the mountains with camera photo of Derek underwater photographing coral in Fiji photo of Derek underater in board shorts and SCUBA gear hovering over the bottom in Grand Cayman

Derek Tarr's award-winning photographs have captured the attention and imagination of discerning collectors. They vividly display the breathtaking colors and abstract organic patterns found only in the world's oceans.

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Derek's photographs have been featured commercially by:

  • The National Geographic Society
  • Macmillan Publishers
  • The California Coastal Commission
  • Ocean Enterprises
  • Catalina Divers Supply
  • APS Mantaray
  • JMJ Wetsuits
  • Matava Resort, Fiji


Growing up in Southern California, Derek has always been close to water and tries to capture the essence of experiencing the ocean. He photographs his subjects locally in his home state and in the clear waters of exotic destinations around the globe including the Maldives, Fiji, Grand Cayman, Egypt, Hawai'i, Mexico and the Solomon Islands. His goal is to bring the world's most captivating photographs to your environment.


  1. 1969 Never wanted to get out of the bathtub
  2. 1975 Swim lessons
  3. 1976 Took over the family Polaroid
  4. 1980 Got a Nikonos III from his brother
  5. 1982 First SLR
  6. 1983 Rarely left the pool
  7. 1984 Varsity swim team
  8. 1985 SCUBA certified
  9. 1986 High school yearbook photographer
  10. 1988 Advanced diver certification
  11. 2000 First trip abroad (Egypt)
  12. 2000 First underwater housing (Hydro 35)
  13. 2002 Divemaster certification
  14. 2003 SCUBA instructor certification
  15. 2005 First professional housing
  16. 2009 First award-winning photograph