About Our Prints

State-of-the-Art Printing

I want my prints to convey the amazing colors and patterns found in the world’s oceans. To achieve this, my printers use state-of-the-art printing processes to achieve the highest possible quality. The digital image from the camera is exposed to special archival papers via laser light and developed through the traditional process instead of inkjet or laser printer. The result is a vibrant, continuous-tone print with beautiful color and saturation.

Any of the prints can be framed or mounted to meet your design goals. Please contact us with any questions.

Print options

Limited edition Signature Series

Photograph of a signed limited edition print

A selection of my photos are available as collectable, signed, limited-edition prints. The price increases as each edition is sold, and only the specified number of prints will be made. If you have any questions please contact us.

Open editions

Many of our photographs are available as open editions - a more affordable option for use in interior design and created using the same processes as our Signature Series prints, just not signed or numbered.

Ready-to-hang presentation options

Facemounted prints

Diagram illustrating the layers of a face-mounted print Photograph of the edge of a face-mounted priemounted prints

The recommended option for optimal presentation of our photographs. The print is bonded between two sheets of acrylic material - a thick clear layer over the image, and a supporting layer on the back. The glossy surface has an almost 3-D effect that brings the presentation of my images to a new level.

Facemounted prints are ready-to-hang, but can also be framed in a traditional manner or mounted on a French cleat that offsets the print from the wall for a more modern frameless appearance.

Metal prints

Photograph of the back of a metal print showing the floating hanger Photograph of the edge of a metal print

Metal Prints are a bold and modern new approach to wall art, where the image is infused in to a metal surface instead of paper. The result is a very durable print with beautiful luminescence, vibrant colors, and higher image stability than silver-based photo papers.

Our Metal Prints can be framed in a traditional manner or mounted on a floating hanger that offsets the print from the wall for more modern frameless appearance.