Off to San Clemente aboard the Horizon

December 31 2010; 1:50am

It’s great to be back on one of my favorite boats - the Horizon. We’re currently under way, headed out to spend New Year’s Eve at San Clemente Island, which is about 60 miles due East of San Diego.

There is definitely some swell in the water - about 7’ at the San Clemente buoy, but that’s not bad considering that it was 12’ earlier in the day. It’s a good thing though, as you wouldn’t be reading this if it was easier to sleep :) It has been over a year since my last trip to the island, and I’m looking forward to photographing some of the macro life that can be found in the Channel Islands, particularly the Hermissenda crassicornis.

I’ve seen some familiar faces on this trip, and happy to know that I’ll get to spend the next few days with some old friends. Not to mention some of the coolest crew members ever to walk the deck of a dive boat - Mark, Cary, Spencer, and Aaron it’s great to be back, and Greg - sorry to have missed you. Before I sign off, a special thanks to Dr. Meier who is back on the mainland, but was good enough to loan me his diopters so I could try them out on the trip. Thanks and more soon, Derek